2017 Interactive HABs Map

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2017 Interactive HABs Map

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In the interest of sharing information promptly with the DEC, volunteers, residents and users of Seneca Lake and the public we created an interactive map of Seneca Lake showing the location of Harmful Algae Bloom which began to appear on the lake in the middle of September.  This map has proven to be useful as a working tool for SLPWA volunteers and has allowed us to keep track of the situation as it developed.  It can and will be added to during the coming days and weeks, as HABs runs its course this season.

Click on the map to access the interactive HABs map. Click on Blue-Green, Red or Yellow dots for photos of blooms.

  • Green shoreline zones are weekly survey areas that specific volunteers monitor.
  • Blue-Green dots are high toxin blooms; samples analyzed at SUNY ESF in Syracuse.
  • Red dots are laboratory confirmed levels of HABs above the 25 microgram/liter DEC threshold.
  • Yellow dots are photograph reports of a bloom;  most cases had samples taken and the samples are in process of being analyzed.