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7th Annual Wintersquabee Festival to support the work of Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association

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Wintersquabee is a weekend of Finger Lakes food and music and the proceeds will benefit Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association. There is not a fee for admission; a donation to support the work of Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association is appreciated.

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SLPWA Connections: January 7, 2018

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Grist Iron Brewing Co. invites the public to attend their Benevolence Beer Kick-Off Party on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 5:00 pm.

Enjoy light appetizers while listing to the rockin’ sounds of “The Sweats” and support the work of Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association (SLPWA) by having them pour you a cold Hefeweizen.

“Seneca Lake is a fundamental part of our brewery – the lake provides water, scenery and inspiration.” said Kate Fuller of Grist Iron Brewing.

“Last fall, we decided that we wanted to honor Seneca Lake by selecting a Benevolence Beer Series recipient that was getting their hands and feet wet while tackling the lake’s current water quality issues –  Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association was the natural choice.”

SLPWA has designed and implemented crucial water quality monitoring programs. They have over 100 volunteers collecting water samples upstream, downstream and in the lake.  The water samples are analyzed by NYS certified labs and the results are available on their website. SLPWA also encourages the greater Seneca Lake community to jump in and help preserve the lake’s water quality by implementing simple lake-friendly living practices such as using phosphorus free fertilizers and planting native plants to create vegetative buffers.

A portion of the proceeds from each pint of Hefeweizen sold between January to June will be donated to Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association to support their water quality monitoring projects.


Lake-Friendly Living Tips for De-icing Your Driveway 

SHOVEL OFTEN:  If you shovel early and often, you will remove more snow and ice so less salt and de-icing material will be needed, and the de-icing material will work better. You may even decide that salt isn’t needed!

CHIP IT UP: By using an ice chipper, a tool specifically designed for chopping at ice build up, you can avoid build-up that will require de-icing material or salt.

LIMIT DE-ICING MATERIAL: Apply only as much de-icing material or salt as needed, by sprinkling it on icy areas only. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for working temperatures and applications rates. Apply the de-icing smartly, by keeping it away from storm drains, or where melted runoff can mix with the de-icing material and then flow into a storm drain or ditch. Many of the ditches lead right into the lake, causing non point source pollution.

DIRECT DOWN SPOUTS AND MELTING SNOW:  Make sure downspouts aren’t directed at paved areas where the water can freeze and need de-icing. This way, you avoid needing to use de-icing material that when melted, will wash off the paved area.  Direct the melting snow away from paved areas where chemicals accumulate.

Determine which de-icing product works best for you and your property before going to the store.  Not all products have the same ingredients. Consider purchasing a de-icier that is chloride free.