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Fish Kill Reports

Over the past few weeks, various size fish kills have been observed around Seneca Lake. The predominant species seems to be the “sawbelly”, though there are reports of many species being involved. The sawbelly is the fresh water version of the alewife which are members of the herring family.

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Poor Fishing Results

Reports of poor fishing success and low fish populations on Seneca Lake prompted an inquiry to the NYS DEC in early June. Brad Hammers, the DEC fish biologist responsible for the Finger Lakes responded:

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26th Annual Dinner Meeting

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association invites you to attend our 26th Annual Dinner Meeting on August 23, 2017 at Harbor Hotel in Watkins Glen, New York. Special guest Aimee Clinkhammer from the Finger Lakes Water Hub will discuss the importance of Safeguarding the Water Quality of the Finger Lakes.

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Lakewatch Newsletter: Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 issue of Lakewatch is available on-line at Printed copies will be mailed to our members next week.

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Keep Seneca Lake PURE! You can help!

Help keep our local water source, pure and clean. Preserve Seneca Lake for future generations.

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Jump in and Join Us! Members Needed!

Now is the time to jump in and join Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association!

Membership is open to everyone who supports our mission to preserve Seneca Lake as a drinking water and recreation source for future generations.

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2017 Shoreline Monitoring: Volunteers Needed!

In an effort to get a more complete picture of where HABs appear on the lake, we hope to expand the monitoring to include the entire Seneca Lake shoreline, measuring over 75 miles.

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SLPWA Urges US Army to Cleanup Reeder Creek

In comments submitted last week to the US Army and the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Final Proposed Remedial Action Plan for the Seneca Army Depot Munitions Sites, Seneca Lake Pure Water Association (SLPWA) requested that steps be taken to identify and remove the source(s) of phosphorus, coliform and E. coli which are polluting Reeder Creek, Seneca Lake and other downstream waterways.

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As we approach the end of 2016, we ask you to consider making a contribution to support the efforts of Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association to preserve, sustain, and improve the quality of Seneca Lake for future generations. With the financial support of the greater Seneca Lake Community, Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association is able… Learn More

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Giving Tuesday – November 29, 2016

Support our efforts to restore the water quality of Seneca Lake! Please consider making a contribution at With your help we can: Promoting the understanding, preservation and improvement of water quality. Sponsoring scientific research of watersheds. Encourage and support the compliance of laws and regulations. Promoting patterns of development and technology to further our mission. Developing a student… Learn More

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