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Seneca Lake is a drinking water and recreation source for our community and beyond. Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association is monitoring water quality and educating the community about best practices for our lake.  Membership dues, donations and grants help to fund our water quality monitoring programs and our efforts to preserve Seneca Lake for future generations.

Support Seneca Lake Pure Water Association’s efforts to preserve Seneca Lake for future generations by:

Harmful Algal Bloom Update

Yates County Department of Health HABs Update:
Recreational exposures can occur while swimming, wading, fishing, or boating in areas with harmful algal blooms, if water is touched or swallowed, or when airborne droplets are inhaled.  Exposure to harmful algal blooms can cause diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting; skin, eye or throat irritation; and allergic reactions or breathing difficulties.  Seek medical attention if you experience these symptoms after exposure to harmful algal blooms.

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