Seneca Lake Geology

The Finger Lakes Region in general and Seneca Lake in particular are rich in unusual geology and paleonthology.  This is what makes this region special from an interest, beauty and business standpoint.  If you are visiting or living here take the time to become acquainted with the natural history of the lake and region and see how this history is taken advantage of in the kinds of businesses and agriculture that support the region.


Geology of New York : A Simplified Account (New York State Museum’s Educational Leaflet # 28) with New York State Geological Highway Map (Educational Leaflet (New York State Museum), No. 28.) (Paperback – 280 pages) – by Yngvar W. Isachsen

This is available in most public libraries.

This is a comprehensive work, with numerous chapters on earth history, plate tectonics, bedrock, surficial materials, mineral resources, hydrogeology, and engineering geology. It is profusely illustrated with charts and diagrams. At least seven State Survey geologists prepared chapters for this book.  The book includes a New York State Geological Highway Map. This is a beautiful 1:1,000,000 scale time/stratigraphic bedrock map of the state, with lots of stratigraphic charts and a satellite image with a “photo mosaic of the state on the flip side.

Guidebook – Middle and Upper Devonian clastics central and western New York State by D.G. Patchen, and B. K. Dugolinsky, Department of Energy, Eastern Gas Shales Project, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, Morgantown, WV” 167 p., 1979.

Upstate New York, Geology Field Guide (K/H Geology Field Guide Series) Paperback – October, 1980 by Bradford B. Van Diver