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Seneca Lake PURE WATERS Association

is here to Preserve, Protect, and Promote

Seneca Lake water quality for ALL who have

the privilege of knowing it.

As a non-profit organization, Pure Waters depends on memberships and donations to build programs

that work to resolve the diverse set of threats that Seneca Lake and its watershed residents face.

Learn more about what you can do to help.

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30 Years Protecting Seneca Lake!

Learn about the beginning of the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association and how it all got started in 1990!

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Remove snow and ice the lake friendly way!

Did you know that Seneca Lake has the highest salinity levels of all the Finger Lakes? Salt mines in Watkins Glen and Seneca Lake tributaries (streams) contribute in large part to the salinity of Seneca Lake.  It's important that every household plays a part in protecting the water quality of Seneca by minimizing or eliminating use of salt to melt snow and ice.

Alternate solutions include:

1. Shoveling snow soon after snow falls. 
This will avoid compaction and therefore slick surfaces.  Sunshine the following days will allow for snow to melt more rapidly if there are not multiple inches of snow on hard surfaces.

2. Use alternate melting/traction methods.

Materials such as cat litter, sand, sawdust, and Magic Salt are all proven methods to eliminate the use of salt to deal with snow and ice.  Try one of these readily available items!

3. Limit spaces that need snow removal.

Reduce the need to use salt by minimizing extra walkways and driveway space that lead to rarely used entryways.  Don't worry, they'll still be there in the Spring! 

Learn other Lake Friendly Living methods for use throughout the year!

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