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S e n e c a  L a k e  P U R E  W A T E R S  A s s o c i a t i o n

i s  h e r e  t o  P r e s e r v e,  P r o t e c t,  a n d  P r o m o t e

Seneca Lake water quality for ALL who have

t h e  p r i v i l e g e  o f  k n o w i n g  i t.

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For over 20 years, Members and Volunteers have supported Seneca Pure Waters many programs and projects.  Join us to ensure Seneca Lake Water Quality research continues!

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Then you should know


Did you know that much of your daily activities affects lake health?  It's not just lake front homeowners that should care about Seneca lake water quality.  Everyone on this watershed map (and beyond) is responsible for the health of the lake.  If you'd like to find out more, join our mailing list and receive monthly updates about our stream and lake monitoring projects, regional water quality forums and events and other news about Seneca Lake.  Sign up for our Newsletter here


Recent News

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association announces new lakeshore property owner program

Finger Lakes 1, Gabriel Pietrorazio - 12/8/2019

Seneca Lake Pure Waters begins fund-raising campaign

Finger Lakes Times, David Shaw - 11/25/2019

The Harmful Algal Bloom season has come to a close!  Interested to see what Seneca Pure Waters found?  Check out the Annual HABS Fall Forum presentations slides by clicking HERE.

Seneca Lake Bloom Data Spreadsheet

This link provides access to a spreadsheet containing detailed information about bloom samples obtained from Seneca Lake. Lab results will be updated as they become available.  Click here for a current scorecard.  The data table, scorecard and our interactive map will provide you with the latest and most current information.

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