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Seneca Lake is changing…

PURE WATERS Stream Monitoring data shows:

  • Phosphorus is elevated, particularly Reeder Creek, and all streams have elevated phosphorus levels in high flow conditions.
  • E.Coli (bacteria) is elevated in streams flowing into the lake and streams are contaminated with animal and/or human waste.
  • Bigger impacts during high flow conditions versus baseline flow conditions.
  • Erosion is a problem: plumes of sediment entering the lake from stream runoff, especially during high flows – suspended sediments reduce water clarity and are source of excessive nutrients.
  • Upstream inputs can have adverse impacts: wastewater treatment outfalls, septic systems, agricultural runoff (manure, fertilizers) affect water quality downstream.
  • Caynobacteria Blooms or  CyanoHABs are becoming more prevalent.


Seneca Lake PURE WATERS Association is working towards an environmentally healthy lake by:

  • monitoring the water quality of the lake and the streams that feed the lake.
  • informing and educating the public about water quality issues and initiatives.
  • supporting partnerships and programs that lead to solutions.

About Pure Waters

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association is thankful to have membership support from the greater Seneca Lake community. Membership dues, donations and grants help to fund our water quality monitoring programs and our efforts to preserve Seneca Lake for future generations. Seneca Lake PURE WATERS Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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