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Lake Friendly Living

Access your Lake Friendly Living materials below

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With your pledge, we encourage you to download our Lake Friendly Living Guide. The guide provides you with simple steps to

practice lake friendly living.  You may want to download and print the pledge card too.  You can post the pledge card  in your

home so that other household members can review and participate. Thank you for your pledge!


Click a topic to learn more!

Eliminate Pollutants

Eliminate pollutants

at the source

Minimize Runoff

Minimize hard surfaces

that create runoff

Eliminate Pollutants

Prescription Drug Disposal

Eliminate Pollutants

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Eliminate Pollutants

Septic Maintenance 

Eliminate Pollutants


Eliminate Pollutants

Invasive Species

Minimize Runoff

Use Water Wisely

Minimize Runoff

Minimize Impervious Surfaces


You can help promote Lake Friendly Living practices by displaying the Lake Friendly Living logo sign on your property or the decal on your car or window.  Pure Waters Association will have signs and window decals available soon. We will notify pledges via email when they become available!

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