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New Catch & Release Season for Inland Trout Streams

10/30/2021 4:14 PM | Kaitlin Fello

New Catch & Release Season for Inland Trout Streams- DEC ARTICLE

When one door closes, another one opens… or in this case, when one fishing season closes, another one opens.

In years past, October 15th meant the end of trout season here in New York. However, thanks to DEC’s recently implemented Trout Stream Management Plan, a new catch and release trout stream season (on inland streams) will begin on October 16 and extend through March 31. Now hardy anglers can enjoy trout fishing year-round! During the catch and release trout season, only artificial lures may be used and trout must be immediately released. Anglers are reminded to avoid disturbing spawning trout and gravel beds where trout eggs may be incubating.

To assess any impact of the new season on wild trout populations, angling pressure and young of year trout abundance will be estimated on a statewide sample of 19 wild trout stream reaches from 2021 through 2024.

Visit DEC's website to learn more about the Angler Use and Wild Trout Young of Year Recruitment Study.

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