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03/26/2022 7:18 PM | Kaitlin Fello

Written by Frank DiOrio

If you are reading this newsletter and article, we know you enjoy spending time or living on Seneca Lake. We would also expect that you have a keen interest in making sure we can all enjoy Seneca Lake not only today, but for generations to come. This is where Pure Waters comes in. We are a collection of common minded individuals and volunteers committed to preserving and protecting Seneca Lake. This is a huge undertaking and gets bigger every day given the challenges and threats that we face. Can you spare an hour a week or month to pitch in to support this cause? As the saying goes, we have something for everyone. Regardless of your skill set and interest, we could use your help. Before you conclude you are interested or not, please take just two minutes to read about our most urgent areas of need below:

Invasive Species are a major threat to our lake. As an example, did you know that Starry Stonewort is now threatening Keuka Lake? Did you know there is tens of thousands of dollars currently being spent to harvest this invasive species from the Keuka Lake shorelines? Did you know this invader has arrived in Seneca Lake, and now requires more eyes, hands, and funding to combat its spread? Are you aware that boating and recreation in general could be severely hampered if this pest continues to spread along our shorelines? If you would like to spend an hour or two a month being part of our new Invasive Species Expert Team, please click here. No background knowledge required, just a keen interest in preserving Seneca Lake’s native species.



Pure Waters, in conjunction with other Finger Lakes Associations, has developed a common sense and practical program for homeowners to follow to help protect our lake. This program touches on garden and lawn practices, stormwater runoff guidance, septic practices and more. Did you ever rake leaves into the lake in the fall? Have you used chemicals on your lawn or planted invasive species in your garden? Be part of this team and learn why these practices are harmful to our lake and ecosystem. You will be amazed at the common-sense practices you and others are not aware of that can make a difference. If you are interested in learning more, click here to visit the Lake Friendly Living webpages and sign up to volunteer here.


Are you a writer or editor? Would you enjoy helping to write articles about how everyone in the watershed could help save our lake? Could you help Pure Waters design brochures? Do you have skills that could help enhance the Pure Waters website or social media presence? Would you enjoy helping out in this area? If the answer is yes to any or all of the above, please click here to learn more.


As Pure Waters programs continue to expand, we need more funds to support all our efforts. We are very fortunate to have such a generous community. However, we need assistance planning fundraising campaigns and membership drives so we can reach out to our communities and teach the importance of the association’s work, and the critical need to expand our water quality programs that protect Seneca Lake. We are also looking for volunteers to assist with large donor campaigns that we have planned for this year. If you have interest in this area, please click here to learn more about membership programs, or click here to get started volunteering right away.

Experience has shown we have an abundance of expertise residing in our watershed. We have teachers, accountants, writers, scientists, marketing experts, administrative assistance, engineers, fundraising experts’ environmental experts and more. Regardless of your area of expertise, Pure Waters needs your support and volunteer help. It might be an hour a week or one a month. The amount of time you can contribute doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are willing to jump in and help preserve the lake for your friends and family for generations. If there are any other areas you feel you may be interested in, please sign up to learn more or to get started volunteering and either Dan Corbett or Frank DiOrio will schedule a call to discuss all the volunteer opportunities. As was mentioned earlier, we have something for everyone. Volunteering with Seneca Pure Waters will have a positive impact on everyone who enjoys Seneca Lake, and all who will continue to enjoy it in the future. Have an impact on your community by signing up to volunteer this spring and summer TODAY!

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