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Lake Friendly Living Tip: Hazardous Waste disposal, include salt residue from de-icing

05/05/2022 12:24 PM | Kaitlin Fello

Written by Kaitlin Fello

Lake Friendly Living Tip for March '22

Household Waste, or HHW, includes stuff we use every day around the house, like batteries, cleaners, paint, and solvents. Don’t throw them in the trash. Don’t pour them down the sink. Don’t flush them down the toilet. And most important, don’t dump them in the yard, stream or lake. These are highly toxic chemicals that sewage treatment plants often can’t completely filter out. Improper disposal of contaminates can poison groundwater and harm plants and animals.

The good news is your County of residence likely offers drop off events typically scheduled between April and October.  Check these links to learn about your county activities including time and place, how to register and what types of wastes can be dropped off.    Note, you may need to show proof of residence.

County Links:

Ontario County


Seneca County     


Schuylar County


Yates County


Chemung County

607-734-4453 ext. 203

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