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A Letter to Seneca Pure Waters Volunteers!

05/19/2022 4:22 PM | Kaitlin Fello

Written by Frank DiOrio

Greetings Pure Waters volunteers!   We hope everyone is getting ready for another great summer on Seneca Lake. The purpose of this note is to reach out to our over 200 volunteers to see if there is interest in doing a little bit more to support our Pure Waters mission to preserve and protect Seneca Lake.  First, let us provide some background:

  • ·       Our Pure Waters organization continues to grow at a rapid rate.  We now have over 1,000 members, over 200 volunteers and over 1,400 individuals on our contact/email list.  Growth has been very impressive over the last few years and we are extremely pleased to see so much interest in preserving our lake.
  • ·       Pure Waters has continued to expand all our programs and initiatives.  We are currently updating our Strategic Plan and everyone is going to be pleased with all the improvements and new programs we have planned.
  • ·       Although we are pleased with Pure Waters growth, we are also very concerned about the continued threats our lake faces.  Invasive Species, excessive rainfall and storms causing damage, unusual fluctuations in lake levels increased runoff driving nutrients to the lake, etc.
  • ·       In order to keep up with all of the above, we need more volunteer help.  This could be in the form of new volunteers or by having existing volunteers getting more engaged in different and new programs and initiatives.  We need everyone's help! 
  • ·       We are hopeful existing volunteers will be willing to do just a little more.  It might be an hour a week or a month -- whatever folks can contribute.  Many hands make for lighter work for sure.

At this point, we expect you are wondering where we need the most help today.  Although we can use all types of talent and help, the following list summarizes a our most critical needs:

  • ·       HABs Regional Coordinator for the Northwest
  • ·       HABS Regional Coordinator for the Southwest
  • ·       Invasive Species team leader and team members
  • ·       Fisheries team members - this is another exciting initiative we have started to help answer the question -- where have all the fish gone on Seneca?
  • ·       Fundraising and Membership team members
  • ·       Events team members
  • ·       Finance Support

If you read this note and have skills and interests that you feel are not an exact match with any of the above areas, no problem, we have something for everyone!!  We need both in the water and out of the water talent!

Please take a minute to learn more. You can do one or all of the following:

  • ·       Go to our website and sign up to volunteer.  You will find all kinds of volunteer opportunities. Fill in the electronic volunteer form and you will be contacted.
  • ·       Listen to the attached podcast that also describes all the areas where we need help. Click on this link to provide us with your name and contact info. 
  • ·       Have a phone call with Frank DiOrio or Dan Corbett, who are spearheading our volunteer recruitment efforts. Just click on this link and provide your contact info and Frank or Dan will arrange a call.

Thank you in advance for your current volunteer efforts. You are the bedrock of our organization and we could not thank you enough.  We are hopeful you are willing to do just a little bit more to help us preserve and protect our beautiful lake.  Enjoy the nice weather that has finally arrived and we look forward to hearing back from you!

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