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Be a Harmful Algal Bloom Volunteer! - written by Bill Roege

05/20/2020 11:24 AM | Kaitlin Fello

Although spring was a bit cool, summer is just around the corner and that means HABs, Cyanobacteria blooms, aren’t far behind. 

We are looking for the following assistance:

  • Shoreline volunteers to monitor a mutually-agreed shoreline zone at least once a week from August through early October. A two-hour training session will be provided (likely remotely) for all volunteers. 

  • HAB sign placement volunteers to install informational signs at water entry points in Ontario and Yates counties. We really need a few people to make this happen. 

  • Administrative support to run the HAB program behind the scenes where we can use  help to conduct a number of activities. 

To volunteer for any of these roles, go to the Seneca Lake website volunteer page HERE. Hit the green “Sign Up To Volunteer Here” button then select the role you are volunteering for in the “Citizen Science & Water Testing” drop down field.

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