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2022 HABs Week 4 Results

08/28/2022 8:09 PM | Deanna Fello (Administrator)

Observation Dates: Thru 8/28/2022
% Zones Monitored: 62%
Suspicious Blooms:  0
Confirmed Blooms:  0

Zero blooms were reported last week, which may come as a surprise since the week prior they were pervasive. It is not atypical for HABs to come in "pulses". Two weeks ago, blooms were fairly intense for mid-late August. Last week saw some days that appeared to be conducive for blooms, but with no sign of them. 

Typically, the first of September, or Labor Day Weekend, sees extensive blooms. So as we move into next week, we can expect to have some HAB action.

The HAB map on the Association website is now active, and you can see where blooms have been found this year on Seneca Lake. Keep in mind that HABs can form anywhere on the lake, whether it be along the shoreline or out in the middle of the lake, and generally form on calm days. Look at the images below to familiarize yourself with what a HAB looks like and when in doubt, stay out!

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