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2022 HABs Week 5 Results

09/04/2022 8:16 PM | Deanna Fello (Administrator)

Observation Dates: Thru 9/04/2022
% Zones Monitored: 48%
Suspicious Blooms:  1
Confirmed Blooms:  0

The HAB season has reached week five, halfway through our monitoring season. The week leading up to Labor Day was quiet for HABs, with no confirmations on Seneca Lake. The weather hasn't been conducive for blooms as the rain and winds are keeping the surface water mixed. September is still prime time for HAB occurrences, and the forecast shows some 80° sunny days later this week.

2020 saw few bloom days in comparison to other years and we believe it was in large part because of the winds. September is usually the calmest month of the year, but 2020 saw many breezy days. Seneca Pure Waters’ volunteers will continue to keep watch through the first week of October and as the season for recreation on Seneca Lake begins to wind down.

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