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2022 HABs Week 7 Results

09/18/2022 8:31 PM | Deanna Fello (Administrator)

Observation Dates: Thru 9/18/2022
% Zones Monitored: 56%
Suspicious Blooms:  1
Confirmed Blooms:  1

This last week was another slow week for Seneca Lake HABs. Only one very light bloom was reported, and confirmed, near Sampson State Park last Tuesday. This September continues its unusually quiet performance compared to years past. 

Canandaigua did report some blooms last Saturday, but they have been quiet too. Keuka has been quiet as well. Cayuga had a few reports last Tuesday and another on Wednesday. So, the central Finger Lakes have all been somewhat less active this year than typical. Of course, that can all change in an instant as we saw in October of last year. 

We are now in Week 8 of 10 as the formal monitoring season will end on October 9th. In the meantime, our volunteers continue their vigilant shoreline monitoring to help inform you, the public, about the status of our lake.

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